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Solutions in operational environments

To secure a greenlight, creative merits must support current financial realities.

In this competitive environment, it is crucial to create differentiation in order to move film projects forward. Understanding key factors, such as the current international sales environment, domestic distribution market, revenue collection cycles and potential pitfalls, will improve budgetary formulation and packaging decisions.

Paths-to-production are formulated with clients to move projects to their next stage.

Through a consultancy model, Aperture Road provides a range of services to independent producers, production companies, distribution professionals, and intellectual property owners. At any point in the process, actionable insights will increase a project’s viability and eventual financial performance.

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Case Study: Executive Production

Project: Crime noir with an Oscar-nominated director and lead actor attached.

Parties: Independent producer and screenwriter.

Problem: The primary barrier to moving the project forward was the budget amount. It could not justify the proposed international sales agency interested in representing the project. Therefore, financing couldn’t be secured with such a gap between negative costs and net value.

Solution: Step one was to frame the problem to drive a solution. Comprehensive financials were created to illustrate a reasonable net value for the project in different sales and distribution scenarios. This included vetting the project with domestic buyers at various levels, ranging from publicly-traded companies to boutique distributors.

Then a reputable Unit Production Manager, with expertise in the filming location under consideration, was contracted to provide production cost estimates based on multiple situations. Aperture Road identified sales agencies, distributors and producing partners that could take the project upstream. (Note: that sometimes it is necessary to downstream a project to secure a greenlight or financial commitments).

Most recently a sales agency booked presales on the project at Cannes 2014.